Does it kill you as much as it kills me?
All these words
Voices in the air
And red hearts
Coming alive at a finger’s touch
They mean nothing

You say you want me
In secret
But the fear makes you numb

Perfect love
Knows no fear

You feel you don’t deserve it?
Sometimes I feel the same
I know we get lost
Again and again

If you feel tired
Somewhere beyond the valleys
Between your skin and mine
I know a place of safety
Where we can rest our fears
And watch our mountains intertwine

The world is corrupt
Wild one
And I am your home
To dream
To live
To breathe

In freedom

You wish to join me?
The door is locked now
But your choice holds the key

You say it’s not easy?
Feel me close to your ear
And hear my voice say

“I’m here.”

Maybe you doubt me
It’s ok
Even I don’t believe
Half the words I say

I know this makes no sense
But the dream I know
Will never end

You feel you’ll hurt me?
I understand
And I might do the same
But isn’t it worth it?
To die and live
With the one you love
And never refrain

I know you want this
But the weight of reality
Pulls you down
How about we share it?
I can be the garden
We have the seed
And you can be our blooming crown


Amit Howard