Feel your taste
My salt for morrow
Suck your scent
Poison on sorrow
Hear your voice
Bullets in my brain
See your face
A dithering game

Count my sin
An early demise
Tear my grin
Your sceptic reprise
Bear my lust
To feast your stare
Kill my choice
My quantum pair

Bite my flesh
Feed your soul
Absence of touch
Bring mind control
Refreshing seduction
Your muted sound
Chronic resonance
My moonlit howl

Third eye blind
Shot in the dark
Hired ammunition
Second-hand art
White witnesses
On scaffolds hang
Banshee denies
A dirge for the damned

Pretentious radiance
To screen the kill
Dark matter clench
Between the hills
Magnetic extraction
Symbolic stab
Slurping the drought
My mythical hag

Touch my madness
I slash your sense
Schemer’s fool
The enemy friend
Lose the will
Learn the craft
Fade your name
Find my path


Amit Howard