A crystal winter instils its proof like frazil on my frozen tale
Her seductive gleam spying behind a blindness I have come to love
An indecisive humbled vision
She is making the way for my thawed silence to birth from a thousand collapsing foreign suns
Faulty moves failing to finish what I never wished to begin
My endangered dreams
Dying in pieces to portray what we are tearing within
Do I pray to see the light in the smog of our languid lives?
She is running in the right direction
Fading out of sight


A black beast sleeps motionless in the feeling of a pure snowy chill
Repressing the hunger of a luscious thrill she once loved to serve
A difficult patient soul
I am emptying fields for forests and myths to devotedly maintain her superior calm
And my lunatic mind makes a final attempt to heal what she is too tired to save
Childlike dreams
Crashing in loops infinitely to hint what we keep lying about
On the throne
Another queen in the blankets of our homely devise
On the floor
A dream in filthy Venus dust
Ghosting to ruin my mind


Somewhere, chaotic nightmares melt at the union of young demigods
Celebration noises puncturing an atmospheric ecstasy floating
On a black mountain skull
I am fighting fairies and hags to satisfy their fabricated luxury lives
And their hypnotic eyes leave a farewell glimpse to peel the infection off my open wounds
A criminal scheme
Written in a language of idiotic thieves who reign as overvalued kings
In the books
A formulated imagination of my own horned shadow
On the hooks
A slave of the earthly meadows
Guarding my burning sign


Rays of light force three edged shadows on my swollen winter skin
Raising fever for those I would blindly follow till death
Prolonged in my distant psyche
They keep trying to plot light-years ahead for a war I do not wish to fight
And I watch her nervous mouth stuttering to release the words of my inaudible eventuality
My weakened soul
Waiting to catch the one who is six lives ahead of me
Or am I blindly suffocating six feet under her holy ground?
When she dies
I am imprisoned in the fractures of her breaking spell
When I die
She is free of me
And then we begin


Amit Howard