I pray
I pray that you let your heart wide open every new morning.
I pray that you don’t become the one who hurt you.
I pray that you listen to the secrets of the Earth.
I pray that you speak your mind
Without any concepts of right or wrong.
And learn a new lesson from the consequences of your words and actions.
I pray you find love in your heart for everyone
Without the need of evaluating them first.
I pray that you let go off the past
No matter how painful or unjust it was to you.
With that
I pray that forgiveness flows out of every breath you take.
With that
I pray you find forgiveness for yourself and escape endless suffering.
I pray that you find yourself free to laugh, love, create, share,
and make a fool of yourself
because baby, you’re f***ing MAGIC!
I pray that you embrace your darkness
And search within your shadows, because it holds the key to your light.
I pray that you learn to step out of the box of religion (even cosmic),
or science for that matter,
And tune in to the faint whisper within you.
I pray that you let go off your ego.
I pray that at the end of the day you look in the mirror
and fall in love with your most
unpolished form
it truly is


Amit Howard