Life is a sanctuary of songs for most
But for some of us
Who guard the horizon
Neither the light of the day
Nor the dark of the night
Is home

Silent warriors of the endless quiet
Leave our soul pieces behind like legacies
For the lost, vacant, and chaotic
When the sun demands to be held at the apex of our foreheads
Cold becomes a shield from a thousand degree burn

Ask me again, “why?”
And I will remind you of my words from another earth
The stars said so.

We move on
Feeling an ache which mere oceans cannot swallow
A thick sadness bends light in infinite ways
And the spread becomes a womb for the numb
In it, they may grow and rot at the same time
As it was destined

What else must I say?
There are no silver linings in the storms of higher ambitions
Which far exceed the earthly gamut
No knights and dragons or fairies with wands
Just the architects of galaxies
Watching our world deform

My love
Take not more than a moment to see
How the mortals collect shattered pieces of their false halos
Once glued together with the clot of butchered hearts
Step back from their vessels of escape
This is it…
This is ours…
This is home…

Not even your own blood will, can, or should save you
From the fear of passing demise
Distort the delusion of time
Enough to nucleate a crystal vision
And you will reach the moment
When your heartbeat began to pulse

See everything with eyes closed
Speak the language of interstellar hum

You must cut the cord of safety
And meet me as life once met death
At the celestial ceremony of messenger stars
Watch how warped hope, which the gods gifted to slay our demons, falls apart

The white spirits will rapture beneath black liquid robes
And I will find you

In the void


Amit Howard