You were a ghost in the glass
Secretly engraving my haunting elegy
The razor edge of your melodramatic screams
Deforming my art into a eulogy
Now you stare at me with hopeful eyes
And I see ahead of me
An old dream to survive

How long you kept me tethered
Have all your hazy games expired?
How quick you left me weathered
As my quiet mind retired

Aided by a sickly tribe
That wrote this spurious melody
Spells of your jealous sisters
Warping my pain
Into attacks on your fading charm

Now as stars, we collide
This gravity I can’t escape
And as mountains, we will rise
Towards a sky of no grace

The ghost of you breached the walls of my blood
With threats of your lusting flames
You, my blameless vainglorious love
Too soon, I believed in your lies
While a lingering past craved your touch
Till doom, I will accept your cries
Let my wound maintain this curse

Now as wars we will begin
These secrets we cannot reveal
Softly, but rage within
Our arrogance left unsealed

No more
I believe in your selfish plans
And your pristine attempts to keep me lured
For sure
I regret this scam
And the dream you left ignored


Amit Howard