Have you heard the sound
Of a forest weep
Wailing rain
Sub-dermal cleanse
Memories withdrawn

New space for hollow
Deep graven hues
A poet’s lament
A departed muse

Did you mock the ground
In its death from greed
Voodoo birds
Disturbing sense
Fluids turn red
On fairy’s wreath

A taste of sorrow
Death laden dues
Creator’s remorse
A rotting abuse

Did you climb the mount
Of the nervous creep
Brilliant rays
Wounding haze
Reflection distorting
A guilty deed

Lungs in poison
Death-stricken test
A martyr’s confession
An injured request

Do you fear the hound
Of the forest creed
Creatures reign
The ruthless dense
Beasts turn feral
When ravens feast

These earthly hallows
Lush virgin dew
A wishful haven
A pensive truth

Do you feel the pound
In your ribcage deep
Heavy stone
Peace is haunted
Now fear seeps

Blackened visions
Lace lavish pain
A suffering lover
His heartless dame



Amit Howard