Tell me how we got here
Take me where we belong
Drive us into the crushing core
Pour, in me, your song


Hold me with a cautious speech
Swing with me in truth
Dance me to the end of life
Flow in me, my muse


Climb with me to our dream
Dive with me in love
Fill me with your tender care
Free me like a dove


Draw from me all despair
Save me with your liberty
Throw me in your endless maze
Burn me with your secrecy


Cleanse me with your silence
Stain the luscious red on me
Paint me as your heavy heart
Sell me to the blackened sea


Seduce me with a fading hope
Tease me with a lenient grace
Feed my mouth with frailty
Need me when you fail the race


Scare me with your stupid fear
Wake my sleep with raven’s care
Lay with me till death arrives
Watch me how I disappear


Fade us in your hidden news
Shade our pain with ashes gray
Light our sky in violet hues
End this sick affray


Tell me how we got here
Take me where we belong
Sail us to your ocean’s end
Pour, in me, your saddest song


Amit Howard