Closer now
See me
As I am

I am abandoned
I am the crowd
A home in the canyon
Beyond your doubts

I am a ghost
I am the flesh
Your constant performer
Your biggest regret

Deeper now
Feel me
How I am

I am the wound
I am the cure
The fear in your mind
You cannot endure

I am your freedom
I am your jail
Your forgotten saviour
Your permanent veil

Harder now
Hear me
As I say

I am your karma
I am your peace
The faith in your belly
Safe in my keep

I am your soul
I am your death
Your target judgment
Your blind kismet

Wiser now
Tell me
Where to stay

I am your life
I am your bloom
The dream in your mind
You could not groom

I am your fate
I am your end
Your devil in disguise
Your forever friend

Slowly now
Into me
As I lay

I am your pulse
I am your blood
The beat of your heart
You skip at my gaze

I am your sky
I am your star
The blade in your hand
Your deepest scar


Amit Howard