When another day breaks you down
Pray to the soft blade of Parvati
It cuts till the marrow escapes
Out of lovers
Out of beasts

I wish you could see me in another life
Bent before the thieves and priests
Whores and angels made my bed
A thigh on my neck
A nipple on my cheek

I begged and begged then begged some more
A little lamb in the hands of greed
Screaming questions asking if
It’s an attempt to murder
Or a gesture to feed

Some said it’s a holy slaughter
If you’re not on the menu it’s quite a feast
“Kill! Kill! Kill!”
Death chants’ the only tune
“Dance! Dance! Dance!”
Lest your soul would bleed

Now if this story becomes a song
It’s to mask secret monstrosities
How the soft blade of Parvati
Reaps flowers for lovers
From the gardens of beasts


Amit Howard