Summer drifts away
And your coarse smile
Makes moist clouds
Vogue through dead air

Strange horizons
Whisper a distant song
I once knew

The tune fades
In the cushions of dirt
Sounds of a memory
Slice deaf ears

Burdened mist
Tease an open wound
I couldn’t sew

I remain untouched
By the hands of time
A familiar voice
Screams in fear

Deceptive dawn
Entice a truth
You left on due

Forced on the knees
In dampened graves
A selfish love
Calls my ghost

Ill-bred tongue
Shudders a chant
And paints me blue

I sleep… sleep in the comfort
Of slavery’s lair
A fragile demon
Taunts my haven

Haze of smoke
Infuse sedation
Now safe from you

Songs dissipate, slow
And your voice
Makes a clear sky
Weep my tears

Brave horizons
Bleed a martyr’s song
In gray hues


Amit Howard