Hours fly
And I
Watch my spirit float
In the clouds
With ecstatic waves of winter
Cold morning caresses
My shrivelled throat
Leaving drops of euphoria inside
And the curve of my lips
Fades into an honest bliss

Flowers die
And you
Watch me through
The looking glass
With a ruthless force of spring
Warm sun melts
Your unquenched thirst
Grieving a garden you hide
And the smirk on your face
Reveals a covert trick

This time
We finish what we start
Let the gentle Earth’s wind
Heal faithful hearts
Till they blend with dust
Heaving pain of sighs
And the light of their beloved
Ceases to hurt the gloom

I will
Meet you in the past
When the gates of summer
Invite a threat
On your porcelain crust
Teaching a lesson to life
And the faith of the dead
Clears our slate with doom


Amit Howard